Producing reports and financial data

Cashbucket has a number of options to extract data and produce reports, depending on your needs.

Export to Excel
This option is available on the forecast page. It allows you to pull the forecast data into excel quickly and easily if you need something in a hurry. If you find yourself doing this frequently, maybe have a look at the next option.

  • Click on forecast via the navigation bar.
  • Click “Export to Excel”.
  • Choose your location and click “Save”.

Link cashbucket to Excel
This option requires a few additional steps to set up but once configured you can refresh your data directly from excel. If you like to build models in excel this could be for you.

  • Click on the hamburger at the top right and then click “report”.
  • Under “Link CashBucket to your Excel Financial Model” select either “Xero Bank Transactions” or “Forecast Cash Flow” depending on the data you need.
  • Follow the instructions on the page. Each user has a unique link generated by the app.

Prebuilt Reports

  • Click on the hamburger at the top right and then click “report”.
  • Click “Download cash flow”.
  • Choose a location and click “Save”.