Financial modelling made easy.

Cashbucket creates easy-to-understand cash flow forecasts quickly, in a format that can be used directly by financial managers and owners to drive your business forward.

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Cashbucket's goal is to make managing your cash flow fast and easy. When you review your expenses and income, will you know where all the money is going? We understand that managing a company's cash flow is not an easy task, so we built cashbucket to help. An intuitive interface and the ability to link your bank accounts quickly, we make tracking cash inflow and outflow simple.
Reduce the time it takes to build and manage financial models for customers. Share and collaborate without fear of breaking formulas and deliver an overall better service to customers.


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Months Cash in Bank
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28 May 21
Min Balance Date
Create financial models easily

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your finances

No more broken formulas and ever increasing complexity. Ensure your financial model data is robust and can be queried again and again. Finances scale along with you and your business. Reduce the time it takes to build and manage financial models.
Alleviate short term cash constraints

Move cash transactions around easily

Pull forward or delay crucial payments. Improve timing and ensure healthy levels of cash and protect important payments such as staff payroll.
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Minimum Balance Before and After Decision

Hire a new staff member
Burn Rate
Min Balance
Min Date
25 Aug 21
25 Feb 23

Make better decisions​

Easily draw up, and then adopt decisions and scenarios into your model e.g. hiring someone on a salary of $100K in 2 months or time a capital raise. Identify areas of the business that can be turned off easily when cash flows become tight.
Work alongside excel

Integrate into existing financial models​

For bespoke analysis, link your cashbucket data directly into a new or existing excel model.


Instantly create detailed forecasts

Simple, operating model for ensuring your finances match your business activity. No more accounting jargon or formats that don’t make sense. Develop a financial model that adheres to best practice without having to build it all from scratch.

Financial control

Receive timely feedback

Improve the timeframe in which problems are identified from monthly or quarterly down to daily. Easily identify where actuals have deviated from expected e.g. why are we out by $60K this week / month?

Improve collaboration

Get finance and business speaking the same language

Have a model that can sit in between both the company and the accountant and be used by both without breaking. Make changes to the accounting in a way that makes sense to the business.

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Easily connect to your financials

Cashbucket connects to your Xero accounting data, ensuring your payments and cash balance are kept up to date.
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