Connecting your Xero data

If you run in to trouble, feel free to schedule a time for us to assist with this process.

  1. Navigate to and select the Account Transactions report.

  2. Under “Accounts” choose “Select all”.

  3. Under “Date range” set the left side to at least one year in the past and the right side to today.

  1. Set Group by to “Account Code & Name”.

  2. Select the following 8 columns: Account Type, Contact, Credit, Date, Debit, Description, Reference, Related Account.

  1. Under “: More”  check “Cash”, “Asset, liability and equity”, “Revenue and Expense”, “Accounting Basis”, and “Decimals”.

  1. Click “Update”.

  2. Click “Export” choose “Excel” and save the file.

  3. Return to Cashbucket and load the file.