Setting up your revenue and expenses

Once you have loaded your accounting data from Xero, cashbucket will automatically look for patterns and build your revenue and expenses. 

  • Click on revenue on the top navigation bar.
  • The forecast revenue amount for the next 12 months will give you an indication of the starting point.
  • Next, amend the revenue entries so they reflect the future revenue of your business. Delete anything that is invalid. Add any missing revenue items by clicking “Add” and entering the details.
  • You can click on “Review Flagged Items” to check if there are any items that cashbucket assumed were no longer relevant and “Approve” anything that is missing from the revenue screen. Once you are happy the rest of the items are not required, click “I’m finished reviewing flagged items”.
  • Once your revenue is ready and you have saved your changes, click “Approve Revenue”.
  • Repeat the same process for your expenses.
  • You’ll then be taken to the forecast screen where you can create your first forecast.