Creating your first forecast

Automated forecasts are generated by cashbucket and are designed to be fast and save you time. You can rerun them at any stage from your revenue and expenses and all data will be overwritten.

Manual forecasts, once they have been created, are managed by you. They will not removed or updated unless you specifically do so. Manual forecasts are useful when you know you have something ad hoc to manage like delaying a payment, pulling something forward or a one off scenario like an unexpected bill.

The typical way to use cashbucket is to combine both manual and automated forecasts. You can do this by setting the manual forecast days to a manaegable number e.g. 30 days in the future. You will be in charge of manually managing those 30 days of forecast entries. After that you can run your automated forecast for detail off into the future which is likely to change more frequently.

Creating a forecast

  • Click on forecast from the nav bar.
  • On the left hand side, choose the number of days you want to build your forecast for e.g 180, 360 etc and the start date. By default the start date is the day after your last xero transaction.
  • Click “Generate forecast”.
  • All automated forecast entries will be removed and a new forecast generated based on your revenue and expense information. Any manual forecast entries will not change.