CFO Approved: How Debbie Uses Cashbucket for Financial Planning

We recently had another great chat with Debbie Haddon , an experienced CFO at @Connectworks, who has been deep-diving into Cashbucket. Her story highlights how Cashbucket is aiding her team’s financial management.

From Forecasts to Actuals

Debbie has seamlessly created FY25 forecasts in Cashbucket and pulled in actuals from Xero. Now, her CEO requests these reports, underscoring their value. The feedback? “Keep sending me these 90-day rolling cashflow forecast reports.”

Strategic Planning with Scenarios

Debbie has mocked up several scenarios using our decisions screen, finding great value in this feature. Seeing her love this section and leverage it for critical strategic decisions is fantastic.

A Hard-to-Impress Professional

Debbie expects the highest quality, especially regarding data integrity. Her enthusiasm for Cashbucket is a testament to the product’s reliability and usefulness.

Room for Improvement

Debbie is thrilled with Cashbucket, but she’s also helping us improve. She pointed out the need for:

  • Enhanced delta processes and information around actuals to forecasts.
  • The ability to load monthly budgets at the bucket level for detailed daily revenue and expense line tracking.

We’re already working on these improvements and are committed to making Cashbucket even more powerful for users like Debbie Haddon, saving people their most precious resources: time and money!

Going the Extra Mile

At Cashbucket, customer feedback is our compass. We’re thrilled to see Debbie’s success and are excited about the future enhancements. Thank you, Debbie, for your invaluable insights and trust!

Keep sending me these 90-day rolling cashflow forecast reports

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