How Rugby Bricks Transformed Their Financial Management with Cashbucket

Rugby Bricks, a company known for rugby kicking tees and podcasts, wanted greater control and clarity on their day-to-day cash flow. Despite their impressive growth, supplier payment delays were recurring, sometimes exceeding 90 days. They needed a solution for better financial visibility and control. 

Discovering Cashbucket

Rugby Bricks found Cashbucket through a Caffeine article and was intrigued by its promise of granular financial insights. Unlike Float, which provided high-level information, Cashbucket offered detailed visibility into their cash flow, crucial for managing their growth and payment timings.

Implementing Cashbucket

With Cashbucket, Rugby Bricks gained the ability to plan projects and make multi-pronged financial decisions effectively. The platform addressed their need for accurate financial projections, helping them avoid future payment delays.

Overcoming Challenges

Rugby Bricks encountered a few initial issues with decision metrics and a forecast bug. Our team promptly resolved these, ensuring a smooth experience. Cashbucket’s detailed insights and dynamic financial picture were extremely useful for Rugby Bricks.

The Results

Since adopting Cashbucket, Rugby Bricks has improved its financial management. It now has the visibility needed to avoid supplier payment delays and effectively plan for future growth.


Cashbucket has been a game-changer for Rugby Bricks, providing the tools and support needed for better cash flow management. If your business faces similar challenges, try Cashbucket and experience the transformation.

Key Takeaways

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