From Chaos to Clarity: How RGB Homes Revolutionized Cash Flow Management with Cashbucket

At Cashbucket, we empower businesses to take control of their finances. Today, we’re excited to share the success story of RGB Homes Limited, the franchisee of G.J. Gardner Homes in Franklin, and their journey to financial clarity with Cashbucket.

Transforming Cash Flow Visibility

Juggling cash flow across numerous building projects was a nightmare for RGB Homes. Their financial management was complicated with unpredictable payment schedules and rising costs. They needed a reliable solution, and that’s where Cashbucket came in.

The Power of Scenario Planning

Enter Cashbucket, a platform that empowers RGB Homes to quickly create plans for cash inflows and outflows based on intricate scenarios. Customizable templates for each build, with unique payment percentages and timings, streamline the cash flow planning process.

Simplicity at Scale

The franchise owner, Grant Robinson, was immediately impressed by Cashbucket’s ability to generate simple, easy-to-follow plans based on expected payment amounts and dates. As businesses experience a surge in material costs, accurate and timely cash flow management has become paramount, and Cashbucket rises to the challenge.

Scalability and Precision

With Cashbucket, RGB Homes could scale their operations seamlessly, accommodating as many houses as required while clearly understanding payment schedules and expenses. This powerful tool automates the process, consolidating information and eliminating the need for error-prone manual spreadsheet management.

Foresight and Agility

Cashbucket’s predictive capabilities allowed RGB Homes to forecast cash flow for years in advance, updating projections swiftly as changes occurred. This extended their planning horizons beyond the typical three-month window, enabling them to strategize for 12 to 24 months ahead.

Embracing Growth and Efficiency

Grant recognized the transformative potential of Cashbucket for residential building companies, enabling them to navigate the challenges of rising material costs while maintaining financial stability and growth. By automating cash flow management, RGB Homes can focus on delivering exceptional homes and cultivating customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

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