CFO Approved: How Debbie Uses Cashbucket for Financial Planning

We recently had another great chat with Debbie Haddon , an experienced CFO at @Connectworks, who has been deep-diving into Cashbucket. Her story highlights how Cashbucket is aiding her team’s financial management. From Forecasts to Actuals Debbie has seamlessly created FY25 forecasts in Cashbucket and pulled in actuals from Xero. Now, her CEO requests these […]

How Rugby Bricks Transformed Their Financial Management with Cashbucket

Rugby Bricks, a company known for rugby kicking tees and podcasts, wanted greater control and clarity on their day-to-day cash flow. Despite their impressive growth, supplier payment delays were recurring, sometimes exceeding 90 days. They needed a solution for better financial visibility and control.  Discovering Cashbucket Rugby Bricks found Cashbucket through a Caffeine article and […]

From Chaos to Clarity: How RGB Homes Revolutionized Cash Flow Management with Cashbucket

At Cashbucket, we empower businesses to take control of their finances. Today, we’re excited to share the success story of RGB Homes Limited, the franchisee of G.J. Gardner Homes in Franklin, and their journey to financial clarity with Cashbucket. Transforming Cash Flow Visibility Juggling cash flow across numerous building projects was a nightmare for RGB […]

Mastering Financial Management in Construction: A Layperson’s Guide

Financial management is the cornerstone of success for any business, and the construction industry is no exception. In this article, we’ll explore straightforward strategies for cash flow management, financial control, and expense management tailored for those new to the construction financial landscape.

How a previous business almost ran out of cash (and what we did to fix it).

A business owner shares the lessons they learned from mismanaging finances and almost going bankrupt. Key takeaways include keeping financial models simple, agreeing on key metrics, and not relying on unconfirmed business. They emphasize the importance of regularly monitoring cash flow and having a plan to avoid low cash episodes.

9 ways businesses can alleviate short term cash constraints

Short-term cash constraints can harm a business’s ability to meet financial obligations. To improve financial resiliency, businesses should implement cash management processes, prioritize outgoing payments, secure access to credit, and diversify revenue streams. Proper planning and management can prevent financial difficulties and maintain smooth operations.

How to ensure your business doesn’t run out of cash

Managing cash flow is critical for business survival, especially in a post-COVID world with tougher trading conditions. Visibility and regular financial control discussions can help, while a simple model can provide real-time data to adapt to changing trading conditions.